Skimmer Standard Mouth


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Type of Pool

316L Stainless Steel

Flow 5-5'5 m3/h.

Price for 2 units.


For Pool

Measure (a)

Measure (b)

Measure (c)

Measue (d)


Liner and polyester 285 3 303 237


Concrete 264 7 291 225

A wide range of wall fittings which combines stainless steel in AISI-316L and ABS. Although the body of the fitting is manufactured in ABS with its advantages, the frontal side to be seen once installed on the wall, is manufactured in polished stainless steel, enhancing the product after installation and offering a 100% stainless steel finish. All fittings are available for concrete, polyester and liner pools.


Flexinox Pool Catalogue

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Flexinox User Manual

This manual contains all the indications for a maintenance and greater duration of Flexinox products. - Security instructions. - Water treatment. - Cleaning and maintenance.

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