Kit NCC Liner + Bomba 2HP (Neumática)
  • Kit NCC Liner + Bomba 2HP (Neumática)

Liner Swim Jet Kit + 2HP Pump (Pneumatic Switch)


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Swimming kit for liner pools.

2.0HP pump. with integrated pneumatic switch.


- 1 Swim jet for liner.

- 1 2HP Pool Pump 230v 50 Hz. with built-in pneumatic switch.

- 1 Pneumatic Push Button.

- 1 Air regulator.

- 2 Liner suctions.

- 2 mts. Metalflex mesh tube Ø20x26 mm.

- 7 mts. Microtube Ø3x5 mm.

- 2 Ball valves Ø63 mm.



- Pump:

Flow: 41.4 m3/h. at 8 m.c.a.

Ø connections: 63 mm.

Pneumatic on/off switch integrated in the pump.

- Swim jet.

Flow: 22 m3/h. at 8 m.c.a.

Front Ø: 145 mm.

Ø connection: 63 mm.


- Complete kit supplied in individual box. Not included PVC pipe Ø63 mm. which depends on each installation (for pump connection with the system)