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  • Contact telephone number: +34973484342

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  • info@technojetsystems.com

  • www.technojetsystems.com

TECHNOJET undertakes to deliver orders within the time allowed, provided that the payment has been received by the customer or another means of payment is accepted. TECHNOJET always tries to ensure that the stock and availability of the products are permanently updated, however it does not accept any responsibility regarding delays that may have been caused by causes beyond the company’s control and any resulting damages.

TECHNOJET will reserve the material that appears in completed orders for 4 days. Once this time has passed, if the correct payment for the order has not been received, TECHNOJET does not guarantee the payment and time conditions initially indicated. In any case, TECHNOJET will contact the customer so that the purchase process can be completed correctly; if the customer cannot be contacted and depending on the units or quantities requested, TECHNOJET reserves the right to cancel reservations/orders.

The prices listed on www.technojetsystems.com are up to date, include the corresponding VAT rate, and are definitive prices except in the case of typographical errors. For EU customers with an up-to-date intra-community VAT ID number, VAT will not be applied, in accordance with current regulations.

Shipping costs will be listed in the order depending on its location and size. Special transportation can always be considered depending on the destination or the number of shipments made; in this case, please contact TECHNOJET to study the best option.

Notifications between the parties must always be made in writing, either by email or by post.

TECHNOJET can pass on notifications or messages through the website in order to inform the User about changes or updates to this agreement, the service www.technojetsystems.com or any topics that are considered important.

If any, these notifications will be considered as notifications to the User.

It is strictly forbidden to the User to copy, distribute, reproduce or create any type of support based on the content of the website www.technojetsyswim.com without authorisation from TECHNOJET.

This agreement is governed by Spanish Law.  Any legal proceedings deriving from this agreement are subject to the parties in the Courts and Tribunals of Girona (Spain).