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Heat Pumps

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Heat Pump Silent Jet FI


ModelSilent Jet Fi 60Silent Jet Fi 90Silent Jet Fi 120Silent Jet Fi 160Silent Jet Fi 210Silent Jet Fi160 triSilent Jet Fi210 tri Pool volume (m3) From 20 to 41 From 30 to 56 From 35 to 70 From...

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Heat Pump Nano Action


PLUG & PLAY With its Plug & Play functionality, the Nano Action can be installed quickly with a simple connection to a power outlet. It does not require any bypass. The 5 meters long...

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Nano Turbo Heat Pump


COMPACT AND ECONOMICAL As a heat pump dedicated to small pools, the Nano Turbo remains discreet with its compact dimensions and gets easily installed next to the swimming pool whenever it is...

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